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The following post is in response to what I see in the first picture:
I clearly see darkened moisture at the edge of the tile and I’m immediately suspecting the details of how the liner was installed. I’d specifically ask if you used “outside corner” boots on your liner where the wall meets the top of the curb. Normally, you’d use four for a typical dam curb. Then you’d cover the liner with metal lath and mud the inside, top, and outside of the curb.

You also said you used HydroBan. That makes me ask if you mudded your curb as I described? Or did you cover it with cement board and then coat it with HydroBan?

Do you have pictures of the shower during construction?

I’m probably not seeing what you’re seeing in the rest of those pictures. Perhaps some more descriptions for each picture and an addition picture showing where everything is within the shower so we know how they relate to each other?

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