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Hello everyone,

Been working on this bathroom for many months now. Very slowly.

Going to use Noble TS for the floor, drain flashing and Noble Wall Seal for the walls.

Ready to install Noble TS. Dry fitting and need your input on the drop down/step down section. Was able to make all the bends/folds, looks good so far.

Should I use both inside and outside pre-formed corners? I know I have to be careful with corner and seam buildup. Guess I'll have to use more thin set on the tile to level the wall.

Here's what it looks like.

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Question for those that have installed this before. Which thin set have you used? I only have access to Mapei (from flooring supply house) and Lowes. Custom from Home Depot. From reading forum, some have used Mapei UltraFlex 2. Lowes has Ceramic Tile Mortar.

I was reminded to pitch the bathroom floor slightly 6" to 12" toward the shower. Also got suggestions of placing tile edge 6" to 12" for capillary break. I have to look into this. The bathroom I posted above didn't have this installed.

Hope to get tips/feedback/suggestions...

Thanks again.....

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