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Joe, if you're gonna have a step-down shower pan there is no need to move your drain to achieve the necessary slope.

The problem I see is one we frequently see in those Florida slabs where the shower area is simply left out of the slab. There's no easy way to create a structurally sound floor under the shower area without filling in the opening flush with the existing slab level. And perhaps that's what you're trying to describe.

You can make the very thin slab I think you're describing and have vertical room for a mud bed and curbless entry if you use a bonded waterproofing membrane for your pan. I wouldn't be real happy with that, but you could do it.

The requirement for the drain to be two inches below the top of the curb is probably moot where you are, anyway, since it's my understanding that you don't really have any code requirements for a shower receptor to speak of. And it's a subject of much discussion and dispute whether that applies at all if you don't actually have a curb.

If you're in a code compliance jurisdiction I'd want to discuss all that with your enforcement official before making any final decisions.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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