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Thanks everyone.

Greg, so the area receiving tile is about 74 sqft. Out of which the vanity will be covering about 22 sq ft. So approx 50 sq ft of exposed tile. I understand your point and worse then risking it is the fact that Im anal in doing things the right way. I want to do nothing else but to run in there and rip it out. My largest enemy is the lack of time and the fact that this is our only bathroom with a shower (wife, baby, toddler). Im so sick to my stomach.

Anyhow, I would now like to ask some Ridiculous questions (not because I am looking to hear a particular answer, but because they are in my head and you all are very knowledgeable)

1. Does the age (been down for 50 years) of this 1x4, diagonal subfloor under the cement board, (as in its not new lumber its already seasoned) have any additional issues or less for that matter?

2. Will laying Ditra over the cement board on top of this issue I have created help me, hurt me, or is it just a waste at this point.

3. Does the fact that I keep my basement (where the underside of this wood subfloor is exposed to de humidified year round (have a finished basement) help at all?

4. Last and the most ridiculous of the ridiculous questions. I know this is an impossible question to answer but based on some of experience you guys have are you thinking this is something that would create random cracked tiles, just grout that has to be constantly done (was thinking of running 1/16 spacers) or is this just total devastation. I just don't know what type of failures I am looking at and how soon (I assume this is the million dollar question though). So thats why this is my most ridiculous question, and I understand that.

Again, I can't thank everyone enough for all of the help and patience being extended to me. I am just trying to see how bad I screwed myself and make a judgement call that I know I will have to live with.

Thanks again everyone.

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