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3/4 inch dip in center of sub floor, what to do?

This is my first house that is above grade, all other houses i've owned have been slab.

My kitchen currently has laminate glued to plywood sub floor. The wood is in good shape, but we noticed a dip in the middle of the floor. This dip at its max is about 3/4 of an inch. It spans probally 3-4 feet with the max dip in the center.

We will be tiling this floor, and will be using schluter ditra over top of the plywood. My question is is it ok to float alittle extra mud under the ditra and let it dry and then tile over top of that? Should i use leveling coupond before i mud for the ditra? can i leave the dip, because our island will actually be straddling the dip sideways? or lastly i have a guy say he could jack up the sub floor and reinforce it from under the house?

This is a house we'll be living in so i want to make sure i do the right thing. Any tips would help.

Thanks for any replys!
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