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Jason's Small Shower Rebuild

Hi Everyone,

I have started tearing out the shower in my small bathroom. This will be my first shower rebuild, so I'm sure I'll have questions along the way. I've done quite a bit of research but there always seems to be something that pops up that you can't find in the forums or elsewhere on the internet.

I plan to keep the exisiting floor tile in place because it is in good shape. My first question is about the floor tile grout that contacts the outer tile of the shower curb. When the curb tile is removed it will probably damage or remove the floor grout. Is there tips or tricks to keep from completely removing this grout? My concern is trying to find the correct color grout to replace the removed grout. THe floor tile has been in place for a little over 8 years (was there before we moved in). Thanks for any advice!
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