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CX makes a good point but I will weigh in on a few of your questions. I haven't worked with the Spectralock 1 but it seems like you're comparing it to the Flexcolor CQ with which I'm very familiar. The Flexcolor CQ has a rounded aggregate (think little beads instead of grains of sand) which makes it less prone to scratching your glass and soft ceramic tiles. Cleanup on textured tiles isn't really a big issue, it gets used on them all the time. If you do get a film, some Windex will usually do the trick. If it is really dried on, a citrus based cleaner like Goo Gone can remove the haze. Usually just rinsing with lots of clean water when you're in the cleanup stage is enough though. Unlike with cement based grouts, you can't wash the pigment out of Flexcolor CQ because it's bonded to the aggregate. Based on the TDS it appears that Spectralock 1 develops more early (24 hour) strength. It also tends to be more expensive, close to the cost of a true epoxy grout. If you don't need the extra early strength or epoxy chemical resistance, you would probably be better off with the Flexcolor due to the rounded aggregate.
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