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Spectralock 1 Questions

--Does this leave a film on tile if it is not cleaned up fast enough?
--Also can you use it on textured tile? I read that some people have issues with a film on the Mapei Flexcolor CQ even if they cleaned it up quickly. This is espcially, but it sounds like not limited to problems with textured tiles.
--Also another bath I have will have mosaic pressed glass tiles. Any issues using this product with that? Staining or scratching?
--When grout is "sanded" like this, are there ways to keep it from scratching tiles? Like a lighter touch? Better sponges? Something like that or you just test it and see? The pressed glass tile is confusing - one instruction sheet says not recommended for sanded grout and the other says to use epoxy grout if prefer stain resistance (which I think is always sanded).
--I don't care about strength - to me all grouts will be fine in my residential bathrooms from a strength perspective. I only care about staining over time. I want the best grout that is stain resistent, but also that it can be installed easily enough because I don't want to risk a bad job from my contractor. All of my tiles are ceramic except one is pressed glass. Several of the ceramic ones have texture to them. Thoughts appreciated on this.
Thank you for your help and advice.
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