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Update: The builder has sent his guy over who is using a product called rejuvenate, which seems to be a two part system. He is applying a remover then a restorer which states on the bottle: fills in scratches, shines, protects. This has made an improvement, you can definitely see the difference at the point he left off compared to the untouched floor. However, there are still white hazy areas he is not getting up and the difference seems to be a polished or glossy look compared to the existing areas.

I have brought in a professional floor cleaning guy who stated immediately when looking at the floors that it was grout haze that was not cleaned properly before they applied whatever sealer they used. (I still do not know what the product they used to seal was). He used some of his product on a few square feet and it did take the haze away. I didn't get the name of his product. (He referred to it as a" a low pH solution), don't think we wanted to use the term "acid." He also said what the builder's guy was doing was wrong and they should stop-its just adding another layer that will fail.
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