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Everything is guttted. I've changed my mind on the tile from what is listed earlier in this thread. I'll still be using a (different) 12x24 on the floor, continuing up the back shower wall, but the flanking walls will be white 4x16 subway tile.

I bough the 48" Neodrain tile insert linear drain from Amazon. The shower will probably be about 54" wide, so this drain won't quite span the full width of the wall, but the tile setter said he'll make sure it's all pitched properly.

Infinity Drain makes a cut-to-fit linear drain but wow, it's more than $1K! I'm not into cutting corners but I can't see spending that kind of money on a drain. I hope the Neodrain I bought for 1/10th the price isn't junk. It has plenty of good reviews Amazon.

I also decided to use the Toto in-wall carrier instead of the Geberit, because I decided to splurge on a Washlet seat. The Toto carrier with the new "EP" bowl integrates better with the bidet seat, concealing the hose and power cord much better than with the Geberit.

I also decided to move the window out of the shower. It's a concrete block wall so that will add some time and expense, but it was bugging me so I decided what the heck.

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