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if the sku is the exact same, it is the same. if the sku is different, there is a chance it is different. what could make it different?? who knows. not as tight quality control for box stores??? Maybe, at least that is what I have heard for things like wood flooring.

With respect to faucets and shower parts, it is not the same thing. The models and sku's at the big box stores are NOT the same you see at showrooms and plumbing supply. They have specific lines for box stores, in fact, some lines are Home Depot / Lowes / Menards exclusives and you won't find them anywhere else.

The "quality" is for sure lower at the box stores because they demand a certain price point for the bathroom stuff. Does not mean it won't work or will fail, just means more plastics used instead of brass and lower cost valves.

Again, no idea on the tiles, but I have industry experience with the plumbing parts.
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