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Daltile White Subway Question

I've decided to go with 4x16 white subway tile in my master bath renovation. The local tile supplier that my GC recommended has a white 4x16 Daltile from a line called "Linear," which has a marked price of $7.34 sq ft.

Home Depot has a line of Daltile called "Restore." They have white 4x16 for $2.33 sq ft.

I bought a single tile at HD and brought it to the other showroom and laid the two atop one another. They appear to be identical. The brightness/color of the white looked to be the same and the thickness seemed identical.

I called Daltile and asked if these are in fact the same product. The rep I spoke with told me how HD requires Daltile to offer specific product for sale at HD and how they have huge bulk buying power, etc, etc. She told me the HD line does not have as many coordinating pieces available, which is of no concern for my application.

I asked her if these are physically the same product sold under different names, to which she would not give me a straight answer. Finally, I said, "it sounds like you're not allowed to answer this question and you're trying to say "read between the lines, dummy." She sort of chuckled and I got the feeling she was agreeing with me.

I can't see paying more than three times the price at the wholesaler when I can seemingly get the same product at HD for a fraction of the price.

Just wanted to get some opinions from those with experience. I will be buying the floor tile for the bathroom (Happy Tile) and the bedroom (Tesoro) from the wholesaler, but I intend to buy the subway tile from HD.

Thanks as always.
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