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All good points. Luckily, two of the three walls will be framed from scratch. One wall is an outside wall. This is a concrete block home built in the 80's. There are two very loud A/C units on the other side of the block wall. The inside of the block has only furring strips and drywall. That entire block wall will get framed with a traditional 2x4 interior wall, which will be offset 1/4" to 1/2" away from the block.

We are framing to provide a cavity for Rockwool Safe n Sound, in hopes of lessening the noise from the A/C units. This will also allow space to install a Geberit in-wall toilet carrier (designed for 2x4 installations).

The framed wall is the reason the room will end up being about 4 1/2' wide. It's currently the more typical 5' wide.

Also, the back shower wall will be framed with 2x6's, to create the desired wall-to-wall niche.

I've used this contractor in the past and feel confident his framing will be as plumb and true as possible.

Thanks for the continued good input.
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