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Hi Tom,

Welcome aboard!

Since your joists are 2x8 and not 2x10, a mud job would seem to be the way to go. An inch of good mud will provide a lot of stiffness. And actually, I think the 1x4 boards might provide more stiffness than 5/8 ply, or at least as much. I know I'm probably going to get into trouble over this.

In any case, you could screw down the planks to the joists before you do anything else. Amazing what screws will do that nails can't do.

Then a moisture barrier of 4 mil poly (not tar paper -- takes up too much space). Then nail (staple) the lath down with fasteners every six inches in both directions. And finally the mud.

I would stay off the mud a couple days, and then begin the tile installation. Use a medium grade polymer thin set. Custom's Versa Bond is sold by Home Depot, for example.

You should hold your tile installation a quarter inch back from the wood floor and then use a hardwood reducer to make the transition.
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