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Hi Dan

Thank you very much for your reply.

IMO, it doesn't really matter at this point what the top layer of floor tile was adhered with to the bottom 1X1's, it all needs to come out.
I realized that... I was just wondering if the reason the top layer of tile was coming off and cracking was the use of mastic (if it was mastic) , or if there might be a bigger issue underneath with the underlayment... But I guess it I just need to wait until the tile is up to know.

And it's rather difficult for a reputable contractor to give you a realistic quote until he/she knows what they're dealing with.
I understand that. If there is a reason to suspect a deeper issue, I wanted to make the contractor aware of it up front before an estimate... The GC may not be a tile guy.

As far as the ceiling goes, clearly whatever tile is on it now will need to come down, and it's going to bring the rest of the ceiling with it, unless perhaps if the ceiling isn't drywall.
I don't know what the back of drywall would look like, but from the attic side it look to be some sort of textured backing that feels like a coated cardboard (i'm sure that is not that, but it the best I can describe it)

The insulation is the roll type so that is not an issue regardless.

You do not need green board, plain white drywall. You do need a vapor barrier. That can be plastic behind the drywall (if the if new insulation will be installed be certain its vapor barrier, if any, is defeated) or it can be a surface applied water proofing.
I think I recall reading that water ingress into drywall could cause issues. If so, with drywall I would think a surface product might be best.

Regardless of what is used be certain the drywall is well fastened. 18" OC for 1/2" drywall with tile stuck to it might be a little wide, so consider some 2X4's installed perpendicular to the joists at 16" OC, or use 5/8" drywall on the ceiling.
Thanks for mentioning that. It sounds like that is the biggest potential issue.

- Karen
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