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The floor is now done. Final price was $150 for the one bathroom (we supplied the tiles and toilet), the original price was $250 for each bathroom, so $750 total.

The installer acted as if we never agreed on the $130 and asked for the original $250 when he completed the floor, we expressed our dissatisfaction and reminded him of the $130 we had spoken of and told him we will offer him $150 instead. He annoyingly took it (I guess understandably on his part from the responses here lol) and left without going over the floor or toilet install with us.

I'm not sure about the tile backer. I wasn't home when the installer was here, just was told of what happened by my parents. I don't remember seeing any scrap of wood though, so it's possible that there wasn't one. I also don't think the installer sealed the grout like originally agreed upon before work started either. We'll do that tomorrow.
He also reused the old baseboard shoes.

Now whether the guy is licensed, I think so. Will confirm tomorrow. He did have a whole bunch of tools and came in a big work van, not that unlicensed people can't have any of those.

I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone.
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