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Thanks, John. Both for your response and for the great forum you have set up here!

I got your reply just as I returned from HD. I went right back to buy the RedGard. I asked in the Paint department, but of course they had no clue what I was asking for. I got the standard answer, "we don't carry that". Never trusting only one answer I get in that store, I asked a second person. She was nice enough to look it up in the computer, but did not find anything under "RedGuard." I finally went over to the Tile department to check, and voilĂ ! Except it's called RedGard, not RedGuard. That would also explain why I did not find anything useful when I tired to look it up on the Web before I went to HD.

Well, I'll be painting later tonight :-) Thanks again for the tip. I was always worried about my decision of putting Windows in the shower, but it seems too cool not to do.

Anyone have an answer as to what kind of tape to use to hold tiles together (see question above)?

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