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I'm tempted to start a new thread because my first post is such a wall of text, but hopefully people scroll down.

At this point I'm thinking that I can either remove the entire subfloor and level flatten a new 3/4" subfloor, and then do:
  • Shower floor using deck mud around a kerdi drain
  • Rest of floor using another 3/4" plywood underlayment plus Ditra-heat

I'm also thinking that all the walls will get new sheetrock and I'll Kerdi the shower walls as well as the shower floor - save a little vs. kerdi board and simplify the process of hanging the new drywall.

With this, I could go curbless and have more than 1/4" slope per foot. However I could also choose to do a thin curb - I'm seeing that a 2x4 on its edge is acceptable, anecdotally - if I want more protection from splash-out and the threshold for what will be a swinging door.

Looking at a 2" hex mosaic floor throughout. Thin curb would require something else like custom quartz pieces or similar.

I've drawn this out to help me visualize and plan it. Red is the ditra/kerdi which would also go over the deck mud, of course. Blue is the 2x4 curb option. The closet flange is off to the left there. Any corrections on thickness are helpful. I hope the image can be clicked on and enlarged... edit: it can't be clicked on, but it can be opened in a new tab by itself at full resolution.
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