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Is my mosaic backsplash grout joint space uneven?

Hi I am a homeowner and directly hired a licensed tile guy to install my kitchen backsplash. They are marble mosaic pieces. He told me that the marble pieces on the sheets had uneven grout joints and did his best to even out the grout joint space. Since it was a backsplash, he said he didn't need to make the walls perfectly plumb and corners square. I think the walls were mostly plumb and square to begin with.

It looks OK to me, for the most part, but obviously there are many joints that are uneven. It is not grouted yet. I'm just trying to figure out if this is an acceptable job? It took him a day for ~37 square feet of backsplash so far. Obviously, all the pictures on the internet and in stores show perfect grout joint spaces on a backsplash or tile.

I am on the anal/neurotic side.... This is my first time getting a backplash installed so just trying to set a reasonable expectation and reference point in terms of what is an acceptable job.

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