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Originally Posted by Rich
To add to this discussion/topic,when I installed crackeled glass,I sealed them,so grout wouldn’t penetrate the pores of the surface,crackeled glass.
Hi Rich

A few questions if you don't mind...

Did you install any in showers? If so do you know if there were any issues long term with them?

On the edge cut... Is it a significant issue for inside corners?

There would need to be one outside corner (not in the shower) and there it would be an issue combined with the fact that that crackled glass pieces are obviously not through body...

I was wondering how that could be handled andI think I figured out a way it might be done...

These mosaics are a combination of marble and cracked glass pieces... One solution could be to sacrifice a sheet and take the marble pieces off (only need 6 at most) polish one side edge of each of those marble piece (and maybe round that sides top edge a bit and replace the crackled glass pieces on the end with those and have them then the corner could be done as |_ with the polished edge marble pieces the vertical". That way the body of the crackled class pieces would not show as with a bullnose tile.

It would be a small disruption in the pattern, but I don't think it would be very noticeable.

Would that work?

Would there be a better way?


- Karen
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