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I’ve only used SLC once (and it worked out well for me), but I can tell you that, at least with the stuff I used, I had some drips out of the room where I mixed it, and once those cured, I could NOT chip them off of the sub flooring (and those drips did not have the primer that makes the bond even stronger!). I ended up grinding them off, which worked for that small area.

IOW, it might be a major bear to remove what you have.

As mentioned, SLC doesn’t really self-level. It needs some help. Think about what happens when you pour pancake batter into a frying doesn’t spread to fill the whole thing, it ends up with a meniscus (a beaded edge like a water drop on a freshly waxed car). You need to spread it around and then let gravity do its thing. It’s MUCH easier to get things flat and level when you are making the pour thicker. Note, read the instructions carefully. Some of them want at least 1/2” above the highest point...some can be used to a feather edge over a wooden subfloor, but most cannot. FWIW, my experience was with Arden products. Their liquid backer board product is one of the few that can be used to feather edges on a wooden subfloor.
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