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Welcome, Mark.

Unusual to have a seriously un-level floor built with engineered joists, but I guess you're demonstrating that it can happen. Were it mine I'd be very curious as to how it got that way.

Keep in mind that your tiles don't care a whit about your floor being level, they care only about flat. The larger the tiles, the more they care. If surfaces had to be level to tile them we'd not be able to tile the walls at all, eh?

I'm very curious, too, about lowering the subfloor into the joist structure with those I-style engineered joists. I'm not familiar with the Ebby product you referenced. Can you provide a link to that for us?

As to repairing your current situation, I can't think of anything other than removing what you've got unless you're willing to continue building up the floor 'till it's flat.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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