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Nice Brian, wet saw cuts through ‘em like butter. Panels go up like clockwork when you’re setting tight & flat, your pics make it seem that panels come perfect. Imagine you do some shimming & shaving here & there.

Holy crap Jerry Maestro, top class work as always. Putting a whole new meaning to the amount of detail and options possible with tile and mud work. Freaking badass stuff, hard to choose my favorite detail. Definitely between the spa loungers, spa seat step downs & of course those submarine tops in the pool

Here’s that quartzite beach entry out in Copperopolis. First pic is dry cut, other two are after rough Installation. The holes were left on purpose so we know where to core drill for the umbrella sleeves. Still need to acid wash and dress up some edges to smooth ‘em out
We’re pouring concrete decks Wednesday and Pebble crew is coming Fri-Sat. Swimming Saturday Night
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