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JB's Bathroom Remodel Thread

Hey guys, been about 8 years since I did my last major bathroom renovation and am getting ready to do another one so I figured I'd start a thread so that you all can provide that awesome advice that you always do. This will be a full bathroom remodel, taking the walls down to the studs and the floor down to the subfloor. I'm planning on re-glazing the tub and doing a full tiled tub surround and tiling the floor. I'm going to rebuild my laundry cabinet and potentially build my sink base.

My wife has picked out a nice chevron carerra marble mosaic floor tile. The tiles are roughly 1x4 and are mounted to a mat. When I did the Deflecto calculation, my score was 558, which says NO on the marble (because it's natural stone). Yet my wife really likes this one and the ceramic tile that looks like marble, looks fake (my wife's words). My questions are:
1 - Why does natural stone require a higher number? Does it have to do with the tile failing or the floor failing (guessing tile).
2 - Anything simple I can do to still use this marble tile while being relatively certain I will be ok long term (don't want to do structural work under the house).

Deflecto values are SYP, 2x10, 16" OC, 12' span and my subfloor is 6" planking that runs 45 degrees to the joists. House built in the early 60's, single story brick ranch on a crawl.

Thanks a ton and this will be my first question of many over the next month (or so).
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