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Jeff Wrote:

Originally Posted by Jeff
I have some showers running over 5yrs old that aren't showing any issues with mildew or cleaning.
Thanks Jeff.

That sounds encouraging!

Originally Posted by Jeff
My biggest complaint with that crackle glass is it will leave chipped ends when cut, just part of the crackle.
On the net I have come across across couple of places that say the way to deal with that is to put a line of superglue over the cutting line and let it dry overnight and then cut..

A different thing I saw was that the pieces should be taken off the mat, cut individually and then put into place on the wall...

So it seems a common issue.

Originally Posted by Jeff
If you still have reservations look into Oceanside Glass and Tile.
I'll take look...

What I can see in this thread (and elsewhere) is that some have strong opinions that it should not be used in a shower, even with the manufacturer saying it is OK ... and that is what gives me pause despite the fact that we really like this one.

Thanks again,

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