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Ok time for some actual questions. Update- the copper drains have been replaced, I stuck with copper and I'm leaving the closet flange since it's in fine shape.

I have about 1-3/4" between the subfloor and the bottom of the closet flange. I'm figuring on a buildup of 10 mm tile, 1/8" thinset, 1/4" Ditra-heat, 1/8" thinset, on top of a bonded deck mud layer of about 3/4" which will bring the finished floor up to the bottom of the flange and leave me some tolerance in the deck mud of being over 3/4" thick.

1. Is that buildup dimensionally sound in concept? I'm looking at a 2" hex tile which seems to come with a recommended 1/4" trowel notch hence my 1/8" thinset layers.

2. I haven't read much discussion on Ditra over deck mud, but I know that a Kerdi drain works with kerdi over the deck mud in the shower, so I'm thinking it's doable. Right?

3. Still debating on curbless or not but this leaves the option open. If I go for a 38" square shower, with the drain being a little offset the longest slope might be 30 inches. 1/4" per foot allows for a height differential of 5/8" between the top of the kerdi drain and the top of the Ditra. Am I thinking about that correctly? I need to get a good sketch of the buildup going.
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