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Thanks all for the replies... Not what I was hoping to hear... those mosaics fit really well with the overall look we want.

The accent would be about 6" wide and would start at about 48" up the wall. Darkening a bit from time to time would not bother me if no harm was being done... but mold or mildew would.

I was hoping to hear of good experiences, but I guess I'm out of luck.

Lots of places say crackled glass is OK in the shower as long the sealing is kept up... but if the real world experience is that even with sealing it is a problem long term, then it is not worth the risk... <sigh>

Trying to find an accent that both has a stone look consistent with/complementing the base tile that will also be wainscoting and on the floor outside the tub/shower area (it looks like rough cut marble I'll include a picture) but also has enough of the right colors to supply interest is hard ... I guess we will need to start looking for another one again.

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