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Hi, Dave.

Topical sealers are relatively high maintenance. If you’re okay with that, go for it. But realize the film is not what most folks would consider durable.

Most topical sealers are not user-friendly to simply “put another coat on it” when they wear down or show scratches. I just looked on the data sheet using the link CX found and it said that their product is cross-linked polymers. That means that after it cures, the surface has formed a surface that new finish can’t bond to without sanding down the entire surface so that the new layer can ‘bite’ into. That’s not something I’d want on ceramic. I’d be concerned of cutting completely through the finish and leaving a weird line. It’s like having a car with peeling clear-coat. Even with sanding the finish, another layer of clear-coat will leave funny lines between the area of peeling and intact clear-coat.

I’d consider this very carefully before you proceeded.

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