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Thanks CX!

But were that my project, I'd patch the holes in the OSB subfloor and install a second layer of half-inch plywood over the entire area that will be tiled.
My biggest concern is with doing that there will likely be an almost 1" step from the other room which is < 1/4" laminate, and with the plywood + ditra + 2 thinset layers + tile it's going to be very high. I assumed that given I had such a high deflection rating that the OSB being non-ideal isn't as much of an issue because it won't flex as much. With the ditra + kerdi band on some walls that might get water, I also assumed there's no chance water would get to it anyways.

4a through 9. I would not even install the drain or consider placing the shower floor or curb until the walls (and ceiling?) were tiled and probably grouted with the exception of the bottom row, or rows depending upon tile size.
Good idea! I'll do that. The ceiling is not being tiled, so nothing to worry about there.

I'm not familiar with the MAPEI mortars available at the home centers, but I'd find a decent modified one and use it for the entire project. That would eliminate a Schluter warranty, but I wouldn't expect that to apply in any case.
If I'm interpreting this correctly, you are saying the schluter warranty would not apply to what I'm doing? I thought everything here was per their warranty instructions, but maybe I missed something. Mapei has several modified thinsets they just called "porcelain/ceramic mortar" that I figured would be good under the Ditra, and their "uncoupling membrane" mortar for above since that's the only unmodified one I've seen at home stores. This is from the blue store (not sure what the nickname of that one is around here).
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