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It appears you tried to use up the length of the sensor wires with the squiggly routing, which is probably ok, but you could have simply shortened the wires.

Schluter clearly recommends against placing any matts on the floor because they will hold in heat, which may over-heat that spot. Of particular concern, in my mind, is a matt with a non-slip backing. However, I have left a plain bath matt (no backing) over a section of my floor on occasion with no obvious ill effects.

However, you do have a sensor in front of the vanity that looks like it would be covered by a mat. Any mat will hold in some heat and that sensor will think the floor is warmer than it really is and turn the heat off. IWO, with that sensor under the mat that small section will reach the set temp and the rest of the floor won't ever.

If you want to use any mat with your current layout, for piece of mind you might consider picking up an IR thermometer so you can take readings. Set the temp at a relatively low setting, say, 75, and put the mats in place. Let the floor come up to temp and shoot an uncovered section with the IR to verify, then remove a mat and shoot that spot. Note the diff.

Unless you are trying to make the whole floor water proof the banding on the heat mat is unnecessary.

I would definitely pre-fill, and did, but it's safe to say my approach is due to a lack of skill and experience. But, after seeing how much the mortar shrank after pre-filling, I'm pleased I did. Mix your mortar to it's regular consistency.

I take it you plan to remove the vanity before tiling?
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