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Cliff's Master Bathroom Thread

Hi everyone, after doing a couple small projects over the last few years, it's finally time to tackle the master bath in a 1987 house. It's an upstairs bathroom over 3/4" OSB. My plan, like the smaller bathroom I did a couple years ago, is to do ditra on the OSB with 24x12" ceramic tiles on that. The shower will be 16x4" subways. I've attached a picture of the "before" situation. Some questions before starting:

1) I've pulled up some of the old carpet and noticed some uneven spots. The largest I've seen is about a 1/4" incline over about 4'. At first I was thinking that it's not too bad, but with these large format tiles I think it might be difficult to get it the tiles flat. I don't mind a slight slope since that will likely not be noticeable, but I don't want to risk lippage. I'm leaning towards using SLC to even it out, but I've got a fairly basic question on that: I've seen some videos of people sealing between the joints of the OSB with caulking so nothing goes under it. is that necessary? I haven't fully checked every spot, but it looks like all the cracks are pretty close together and wouldn't leak.

2) For deflection, is there a sure way to check the joist length and height without cutting into the ceiling? I measured from the ceiling of the first floor to the floor of the second floor, and it's slightly shy of 12", which makes me think it's a 10" height. I tried using a stud finder on the ceiling parallel with the direction, but I was getting too many false positives. Is the fact that a bathtub is already up there enough to say it can handle the load?

3) We plan to tear out the built-in bathtub and put a freestanding one where the old one is, but on top of new floor tile. I also want to bring the wall down to just a pony wall where the tile stops currently, and have all glass above that. Since the tub will be in the same spot, I'm assuming it'll be easier to leave the plumbing where it is currently in the wall. Does anyone see a problem with this plan? My only fear is there may be plumbing in that wall that I want to be glass, and that would be much more difficult.

4) For the shower the tentative plan is to do kerdi board on the walls with a mud floor and a kerdi drain. My only fear there is a recent post where someone pointing to a youtube video of a ~8yo kerdi drain that appeared to lose the fleece binding and eventually leaked. Do any of you pros see any reason to avoid those, or was that possibly another problem? My main reason for doing the kerdi drain was avoiding the preslope + liner step, but if there's any uncertainty of a leak, I don't mind the extra work.

That's it for now. Thanks!
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