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How to install backerboard in the back of niche

I am doing a recessed niche and the wall on the other side of the niche is drywalled. I'm wondering, what is the best way to install backerboard against this drywall?

I've seen methods where a piece of backerboard is thinsetted against the back of the drywall. I don't want to do this, because then the shower niche is structurally dependent on the drywall of another room. That doesn't seem like a good design practice. I've also seen where people waterproof and tile directly on the back of the drywall. Same concern.

From the perspective of the 'other room,' I'm thinking about cutting a 1/2" notch into the edge of the studs that is the size of the niche. I would then screw the backboard into notches and place drywall over it. Basically, the backerboard would be attached to the studs from the back instead of the front.

Thoughts? Prefabbed niches won't work due to some limitations, it has to be custom.
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