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Originally Posted by CX
by far the very best floor you could make for your tile installation would be using deck mud. That would allow you to make the floor exactly the height you need, including for the existing WC flange, make it dead flat and make it level if you want
Initially when you posted this I was of the mindset that no way, I’m not messing with deck mud. But I’ve spent some time researching to get a little more familiar, and you’re right - especially with my oddly placed drain. I think there’s deck mud in my future, even if just for the shower floor.

As for the layout, we’re still discussing the curb-free vs low curb options. But we’re starting to lean towards the neo shape, albeit somewhat unconventional - with the door on one of the short walls rather than the angle wall. This would be a neo with a little more space than the typical layout - a 38” square shower with 24” short walls and about a 20” diagonal wall. I’ve laid this out with cardboard to get a feel for it opposite a 30” wide 18” deep vanity - the path between is only about 24” so I think we will have to shrink the plan for the vanity unfortunately. In fact anything but a pedestal might be wishful thinking...

Status update at this point is that I’ve removed the wiggly planks at the toilet location, I have a plan I need to execute to shore that framing up and get it patched with plywood. You can see how much of the floor overhangs the wall below - I previously sealed the overhang with XPS from the porch below.
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