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Getting the hang of this forum a little more now, I see editing is time constrained. That's okay no matter.

Looking back at some of the inspiration photos of curbless showers, I do see lots with swinging doors. Still thinking on the ramifications of that, though. I suppose a curb removes some risk and in most cases a fair amount of extra work, but in my case maybe not.

The top of the closet flange is about 2 inches above the existing subfloor - the old floor system was that thick. So for this bathroom I could use a nominal 1/2" thick tile on Ditra heat at 1/4", over top of 3/4" OSB and still be 3/4" below the top of the flange. I suppose I would then cross-lay 1/2" OSB in addition to the 3/4" to raise the floor enough - thoughts?

All that to say, it seems as though this bathroom falls into the "raise the floor" category of curbless showers which is a little simpler. In fact, is my closet flange too high?
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