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Gas Lines

This is crazy. The morning news mentions that trucks are having a hard time delivering gas out of south Texas because of Harvey. They say not to panic, there is no shortage. What do people do? PANIC!!! So, the idiots wanting to top off their tank causes the long lines at the stations which makes it worse for the folks that really do need gas. Then, the station really does run out of gas which causes folks to freak out even more!

I went down to DQ a mile from the job to get lunch today and noticed lines 30 to 35 cars long leading into all the gas stations. About that time my gas light came on. Yikes! I drive a Diesel so I made it to a truck stop about 15 miles away after I left work this afternoon. Even there the gas lines were long, no wait at all for Diesel.

If I would have had my old 8 track player I would have swore I was back in the 1970's.

Anybody else seeing gas lines?
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