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epoxy sealer for ceramic floor?

I have a friend who recently had his entire apartment floor tiled with ceramic and he complains of off-gassing of odor from the grout that was used. There has been no relief with time. He would like to alleviate this problem by sealing the grout to "lock in" the odors. Is there an epoxy sealer that would do this? Could I coat this epoxy sealer over the whole floor to seal in the odor? I have also thought of applying epoxy grout, such as spectralok over the grout, but how much of the old grout would I have to remove to do this? Which would be a better solution to remove these odors? He is so desperate he is considering ripping up the whole floor and starting over (three 12 x12 rooms). I could use a grout saw blade that fits into a reciprocating saw to remove the grout if I replaced with spectralok? How deep would I have to remove the old grout to do this? Or would I be better off sealing the floor.\? Is there an epoxy sealer that would work and last? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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