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Thanks everyone. I see what you are saying. I should make the access holes as small as practical to turn the valves. Got it.

So what is the best method of making a single 6x6 tiled access hole? I repositioned the sheetrock as i had it before under the mirror (picture). I'll need to either use a new piece of sheetrock or keep this one and cut holes accordingly. I am going to get some kerdiboard for the countertop today so I can try and align things better for how it will look and know where the holes will end up.

My knee is feeling better so I can work on this over next few days.
Need to pull the counter top and sink today.

AS to moving the sharkbite plumbing connections around behind the vanity; I cannot at this time for two reasons:

1) There are no local shuts off to my unit from the condominum plumbing.
So If I make a mistake 15 units must go without water until I get the leak solved (water is a common expense so HOA takes note of leaks).
2) the entire house is plumbing with 1970s galvanized pipe. This PEX leads to an elbow that took the plumber three trips to stop the leak using a long close quarters wrench.
Disturbing one connection can cause or create secondary leaks (We've found this out the hard way with fixing main trunk leaks that sprung leaks in the unit owners local plumbing.)

At some point probably in the next couple of years the HOA must replace all the galvanized hot and cold trunks which run through our living room ceilings. Then we will probably install local shut offs but until then we have no local shut offs. And at that point I will probably have my unit repiped with PEX as well.
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