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Sure I would like to see them!

At lunch today I did some more OCD analysis. Tell me if my math is wrong and/or my conclusion.

1. My flange on the shower base is 5/16" or .3125"
2. 3/8" plywood from Lowes (cut to shims) [actual size .344"]
3. Hardi Backer is .42"
4. Total width of plywood shims and Hardi Backer is .344+.420 = .764
5. Drywall is 1/2" or.500
6. Difference in plane is .764-.500 = .264
7. If I put one drywall shim along the drywall edge of 1/16 or .0625
8. Difference minus drywall shim .264-.0625 = .2015
9. Is .2015 that much too worry about? Can tile grout fill that gap along the edge and look good?

Granted, out of a 4x8 sheet of 3/8" knotty plywood I might just get enough good shims. The plywood mentioned isn't their finest, but I don't see any quality stuff in that size.
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