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Web Site Development -- a How-to for Beginners

I promised to start this thread in hopes that people just beginning to learn about web sites might come here and benefit from advice from the several web site geeks we have aboard. I know there have been other web site threads, but none that cover the process from the beginning.

I know there is easy-to-use free-ware or share-ware out there. Maybe we can help folks with some of that.

I'm going to give a brief layman's version of how web sites work, and then I probably won't say a lot more.

Web sites are documents that are written in one or more special "codes" or "scripts." The documents are loaded onto "servers," special computers that are direct-wired into the Internet. You will usually have to pay a "web host" a modest monthly fee for the service., among other things, is a web host. We provide free server space for the web sites of our moderators.

You "browser," be it Internet Explorer, Firefox or one of several others, reads the web document and decodes it for you. What you see on your screen is what the browser is interpreting for you. Different browsers might do it a little differently, which is why you get a slightly different version of the same web page from Internet Explorer and, say, Firefox. To see the actual code the browser is reading you can go to the "view" menu at the top left of your screen and select "page source" or "source" from that drop-down menu. what you will see is exactly what the browser sees and what search engine robots see. I'm sure we'll get into that further as we go along.

You already know the value of a web site, or you wouldn't be here, but I'll mention it just briefly: A web site makes you more visible to your prospective customers, the folks you want to reach. How your site is listed on the various search engines determines your level of visibility, so the little search robots I mentioned above become more and more important. You'll want your site to be easily read by the "bots." (See: )

I'll leave it at that for the time being. Please ask your questions no matter how basic they might seem. This will be the place where we start from the beginning and go on from there.
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