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How do I properly apply sealer?

I'm installing a tumbled travertine backsplash with 1/8" grout lines (the rounding of the tiles makes them look bigger) and a granite, ceramic, and glass mosaic inlay. The plan is to do two coats of an enhancer/sealer prior to grouting. I tested a few tiles and 2 coats gave me the color I'm after.

1. Do I apply it to just the face of the tiles taking care to avoid the sides, top and bottom? I'm concerned that the grout won't adhere properly if I seal them

2. I'm not going to put the enhancer/sealer on the mosaic. Instead, I plan on applying a regular sealer to act as a grout release. Is that even necessary? I suspect it won't help much.

3. After the grout has cured, I plan on resealing everything with regular sealer.

4. I cleaned the thinset out of the mosaic tiles as best I could, but there's still some residue. How do I get it out completely?
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