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Steve, it'll help if you'll keep all your project questions on one thread so folks can see what you're working on and what's been previously asked and answered. We can give it a more generic title any time you'd like to suggest one.

I don't see that we know anything about your floor structure, including joist spacing or thickness of subflooring. You can guess that it's all OK because you had tile before, but I don't favor such guessing.

Not sure why you'd want the roofing felt in that package nor how you'd attach your cork to the subfloor if you used that. Indeed, I don't see a good way to use cork where you have it in that package and honestly don't know how that would work. You'll need to fasten your lath to the floor and you're not gonna be able to do that effectively on the cork.

You could, of course, place a mud bed over the proper kind of cork, but again, I'm just not sure how that's gonna work. Not saying it won't, just saying I don't know just how it will.

Next thing I don't know is what your SLC manufacturer is gonna say about pouring an eighth-inch of his product over all that. You've checked with your selected manufacturer?

And then there's Schluter. They might think it's all fine, but I'd wanna check with them first, just in case.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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