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Thanks Dan! I actually found a structural engineer that was willing to help via email, and indeed with pictures from the attic showing the truss running parallel to the wall.

I spent the last day or so going through old JB posts to find opinions on OSB, and it's definitely a contentious topic! My takeaways for people possibly reading this post later is:
  1. You cannot tile directly onto OSB. No manufacturer will allow for it
  2. You CAN tile ditra directly to OSB, and it's allowed per Schluter. However, you will not find a thinset, other than Schluter All-Set, that says it's ok for installing on OSB
  3. If installing ditra, most modified thinsets are fine, although you will not find any datasheets that say so

My only worry right now is trying to patch up those two holes with new wood. Since I may as well replace that entire area, is it best to just find some 23/32 plywood and install it with a 1/8" gap next to the OSB? That area would be the wettest area anyways since it'd be right under the tub.
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