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Thanks for the replies...

The house was built in the 1950s and the layout above is the same as it exists now. While this will be a complete gut the layout is staying the same.

The 19" in front of the toilet was how it was when we bought the house, and I assume how it aways was.

If I replace the tub and toilet with the same sizes I have now, it should just be grandfathered, no?

If not, as I don't think I could get a smaller toilet, the only other option would be be to get a 30" tub to get the 2 more " to get to 21"...which is and awfully small tub for the main bath!

24" in front of the toilet is simply not possible with this layout.

There is is no other layout I can see to get 24" without raising the cost of the remodel a good bit maybe requiring taking out that BADLY needed closet!!!

While I don't want to, if I have to I can switch to a 30" tub to get 21", but 24" in front of the toilet is simply not possible!

I guess i will need to check with the town and keep my fingers crossed

As for that "soffit", it is only 5" wide. The height of the ceiling over the tub is the same as the rest of the bathroom, and for that matter the rest of the house ( 88"), so it can not be raised.

If the soffit stays, could a single fan be located inside the the shower and still keep the mirror condensation free?

Any comments of the practicality of what I want to so with the pencil and relative costs of the the two designs?

Thanks for all the feedback.

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