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New Computer for Windows 10

Looks like ol' Bill Gates has decided to cease support for Windows 7, which I currently use, come the first of the year and not only thinks everyone should switch to Windows 10 but says we should all buy a new computer upon which to run the new system. Got a big ol' popup telling me so. Says he:
Originally Posted by Herr Gates
Going forward, the best way for you to stay secure is on Windows 10. And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC. While it is possible to install Windows 10 on your older device, it is not recommended.
I currently use a Toshiba Satellite laptop, to which I've added more RAM, with a remote monitor and keyboard.

Two questions: Has Windows 10 evolved into something at least tolerable, or should I just plan to slit my wrists come January?

Any recommendations for the new computer that I absolutely must have to run the system?

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