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Richard S
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shower drain question

It's been awhile since I last posted and everyone here was a great help during my first bathroom remodel. I'm now on my 2nd bathroom remodel. It's been going very smoothly (when I can get around to it), but I have one thing now that I could use some guidance on.

I just installed the shower drain in the shower I'm rebuilding. The lower flange of the shower drain lifts off the plywood ever so slightly (maybe a 1/32" of an inch) instead of sitting perfectly flat. As I can't screw the lower flange in place without messing it up, I was wondering if I could apply some glue to the bottom of the flange & weight it down till the glue sets. Is this a good idea? Am I worrying over nothing? If I do this, will the PVC cement bond to wood, or should I use some other adhesive that's safe for PVC.

I'd really appreciate some insight from those who travelled this path before me.

Thanks so much,
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