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Did some more research

I called the manufacturer of the cultured marble and they only install new, no restoration. The owner told me that the gel-coat [clear coat] is .14-.16mm thick when dried, so that's about 1/2". I believe it would take a lot of cutting/polishing and other to remove that much.

After research, I bought some 500 & 1000 grit sandpaper and a wet block. water and soaped the sandpaper and wetblock, and hand hit it w the 500...then did the 1000 the same way, removing all materials and liquid residual btw ea step.

this morning I am going to polish it w a 1500-2000 wet polish, see how that goes. if what I expect, then hand glaze it for a final shining and sealing effect. I will take some pics when I am done and show some befores and afters...thanks, tom
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