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Cultured marble that is glossy usually has a clear coat film that provides the glossy surface. Provided that the clear coat hasn’t been completely worn away in the dull spots, you’ve got a good chance to restore it.

Do a little test. Find some very fine polishing compound (auto detailing place). Then put a little blob on the cultured marble and use your fingertip, covered with a micro-fiber towel, to rub 30 little circles (size of quarter). Polish it dry and examine your results. If you’ve got an improvement, you can probably polish the whole thing with a buffing wheel to good effect.

But realize you’re cutting away the clear coat thickness a little bit when you’re polishing. You don’t have an endless amount of thickness before you cut through the clear coat layer and are left with bare cultured marble that is dull with no hope of restoration short of applying more clear coat. So, error on the side of caution as you’re working...especially if you’re using a high speed buffer.

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