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Thank you Peter, pls see my answers below:

So this is transition from horizontal Hardie soffit to vertical wall covered in stucco? The soffits are horizontal btw the fascia by gutter and stucco trim piece that is on a stucco covered LVL beam.

The horizontal crack in plane change might be truss lift and normal, that assumes trusses were used. Even dissimilar material movement might explain it. The stucco covered beams w the stucco trim at the top, were made from three LVL beams of approx. 2" x 20" by X feet, and all three beams were secured together.

The vertical cracking might concern me more. When you say stucco, are you talking about EIFS with foam behind or traditional stucco with wire and masonry only. The beams as described above had a Tyvek Home Wrap, then I believe felt paper, then the stucco wiring, then stucco'ed. I am not sure if the actual trim pieces had a separate piece of wiring for it or if it was built on the stucco from the beam. I can dig up a few pics of what the beams look like before, during and after if you wish....

Thanks again Peter, tstex
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