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masonry question on stucco trim

Hello to All,

We added a covered patio in fall of 2015. Since then, we've had plenty of rains, but in the last 3-4 months, it's slowed down...

Do the pic's indicate more than normal settling? I also have 4-5 very small hairline cracks in the stucco trim too. I took a flathead screw-diver and took out anything that was loose btw the cracks so it might look a bit exaggerated. Pic one is close-up, and pics 2 & 3 are to give you a better perspective.

After removing the loose material, I cleaned trim and soffit w soap and water and it's clean. was going to caulk, let it dry. then paint all. I think vertical cracks are so thin paint will cover, but should I hit w caulk too. Any other suggestions?

Note, we had 12 10ft bell-bottom piers placed per PE: one on each column, 3 under fireplace and the rest throughout the concrete slab under covered was 5" w a 2'x2' perimeter bean and 1 or 2 other center beams. At the beam intersections is where the other bell-bottom piers were placed.

thank you very mucb, tstex
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