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if your opening is TRULY 29" then I may have a better option for you. Check out Dreamline UNIDOORs.

I just bought one for a 33-34 inch opening (anything bigger than 30 inches comes with a 6" stationary panel) and the quality is top notch. The hinges appear to be of CR Laurence quality (what a custom frameless company would use) - and all the seals look like they might be CR LAurence as well.

In your case you would just be getting a 29 inch door ONLY (no panel) - so i think you would need to be pretty darn close to 29" rough opening. I can tell you that the 29" they spec is the rough opening size - they take into account for the hinges and seals.

This may be a much better option for you - since you will get a frameless door for a non custom price.

I would recommend calling Dreamline first though to confirm the EXACT rough opeing size required since it wont be adjustable like the model I got.
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